September 2010

It has been a lengthy period since the last time Mai Phuong Thuy returned to her home city, Hanoi, and upon returning, here’s what the former Miss had to share: (more…)


A recorded 1000 Ha Noi students gathered at Tay Son Street in Dong Da district for Blood Donation–Youth Day (organized by Sign In to Shining) to promote and donate blood while engaging in a little collective dancing. (more…)

Well damn, it’s about time. (more…)

Following in Dinh Ung Phi Truong & Tam Tit‘s footsteps with yet another if-only-it-was-true-kind-o’-coupling, once again by photographer Ly Vinh Dong, is none other than singer/actor/former La Thang member Trinh Thang Binh and rising young actress Mi Du. With this shoot, the cuties became first-time colleagues under the invitation of stylist Nguyen Thien Khiem to model for a rather unheard of clothing boutique called Unique.

Ok. So nothing may be unique about striped skirts and plaid shirts, but now, at least they’re un-unheard-of. 😉

Being one of the most well-known models in the field, Vinh Thuy was always wise and cautious in avoiding “shocking” questions often raised by interviewers.

As with his famous rumored relationship with Miss Vietnam 08 Thuy Lam (now married and even recently gave birth to an adorable baby boy), Vĩnh Thụy has always tried his best to avoid contributing to any of the press’s gossips & headlines. However, in a recent interview with pictorials, Vinh Thuy has finally admitted his scandalous tattoo to the public: