Well for one, that dress might be all kinds of wrong, but yeehh girl, you work it. We shall forgive. (more…)


If you didn’t get all your tears out during the first go, here’s another shot at it.


Check out the pictures from Ngan Khanh & Thanh Thuc’s big movie premiere Thursday night (Jan 28th) at GalaxyCine (HCMC).


One could be considered “Vpop’s first ever male superstar” while the other was recently titled “Favorite Actress of the Year”. Besides being very successful in both of their respective fields, what could these 2 possibly have in common, right? (more…)

At exactly 7 PM last night (Jan 14), Galaxy cinema’s most promoted production of the year–Nhat Ky Bach Tuyet/Snow White’s Diary–has officially hit the big screen. Check out who attended:


Is that 7 kg of muscle or fat?? Just curious…



ENJOY! And it’s subbed!