The comedian-actor is finally hitched as of yesterday, December 5th!

How precious is this?!



During singer Dam Vinh Hung‘s Hanoi fanclub meeting on April 25th,  one sly fan managed to raise the classic question  “When will we be hearing happy news from you? (relationship-wise)”. Though quite surprised by the question, Mr. Dam responded with his own surprise: (more…)

With a total of 237.000 ballots in 9 unique categories divided into 3 major fields (TV dramas, Theatrics, and Music), 45 nominees were narrowed down to just the following winning names:

Audiences cheered last night at the Ha Noi Opera House, as Ho Chi Minh City-based singer Duc Tuan accepted his prize for Singer of the Year at the fifth annual Music Contribution Awards. (more…)

After a few years of no new musical activities, My Tam will finally come back with a full album of old timeless classics. Oh the irony. (more…)

There might be plenty of strange fans that exist today but an interesting few in particular have caught the public’s eye as well as ours. Here are our Top 5 fanatical nominees:  (more…)

With Tet coming and all, it seems like everyone is busying themselves with some good ole charity work to welcome in the New Year. (more…)