The comedian-actor is finally hitched as of yesterday, December 5th!

How precious is this?!



and dies..


His success did, to be more exact. (more…)

Popular internet comedian from  “Teen Vong Co” parody fame was recently featured on a quick segment of the the celebrity talk/gameshow – 2!Idol. Tis the Spring season, DON entertained audiences with a lipsync-ing performance of famous comedian Hoai Linh‘s already funny song,Ngay Xuan Vui Cuoi/A Happy Spring Marriage” in his “Ong Do” styled specs and ao-dai. Check it:

Here is the complete list of winners from Saturday. It was a rather traditional event as May Trang seems to be our  youngest winners of the night, and….well, God knows how long they’ve been around.

Male Balladeer:

Đàm Vĩnh Hưng with the song “Giới hạn nào cho chúng ta/Which Limit is For Us” (composed by Thái Thịnh).

Female Balladeer:

Thanh Thảo with the song “Chúc em ngủ ngon/Goodnight” (Nguyễn Văn Chung).


During last Saturday night’s (Jan 23) cozy, luxurious and elegant atmosphere, Hoai Linh as one of the program’s MCs, was astonished when his name was summoned for two big awards: best comedian and best actor.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

And what, the 5 bodyguards are actually spinoffs of the Power Rangers too? (more…)