May 2010



First it was the infamous Dong Nhi and Ngo Kien Huy pairing, now we have Dau Tay & Wanbi? Nokia sure knows who to target: teeny fans (usually penniless) who could only end up nagging their parents into their favor. Smart.

Check out the few new pictures for Nokia Ovi’s campaign.

Yes, they’re cutie patooties. But what does the phone even look like?

Buddha. 🙂

On the occasion of Buddha’s birthday in 2010 (this sure has been an eventful year in Vietnam), Buddhist followers in Thua Thien – Hue province have made seven lotuses to release on the Huong (Perfume) River to symbolize his famous seven steps. (more…)

The Valentine loner is back! (more…)

Staying DL since shocking pregnancy confession, Ho Ngoc Ha was nowhere to be heard of again. However, a recent photo of the pregnated popstar sitting in a vehicle with an unidentified man was spotted circulating online forums and, surprisingly, it seems that netizens are more supportive than than they have ever been. Many left kind words of encouragement like “She’s glowing, hottest mother I know…” while some even took it upon themselves to predict the gender of the baby, “Her stomach is very round, it’s probably a girl” (this is an old Vietnamese wives tale, they believe that if it’s round, it’s agirl; if it’s pointy, it’s a boy). Of course, many also questioned about the unfamiliar man in the photo, but it seems noone knows…as of yet.

Personally, I have never been fond of the whole girlgroup/boyband idea since the Backstreet Boys and Nsync era passed, but for some Godknowswhy reasons, Asia seems really persistent in pursuing this field. However,  just the thought of me up against a whole continent is ludicrous, so conformity it is! (more…)

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