Well happy New Year to Ngo Thanh Van & Johnny boy! (more…)


And Clash is supposed to be the butt kicking flick. How ironic.

Word on the internet is…to achieve their 1 million USD break even point, the VietNamese marketers for the movie are playing dirty by tricking audiences into buying tickets for Avatar and even canceling show times for Clash. News of this have  been heavily circulated throughout online forums, social networking sites, and even the official website of some big movie producing company causing many to question: Really? o.O (more…)

For all you Vietchannelers who have been following us since our first picture post on this year’s most anticipated action flick, you can now feast your eyes on the full minute & a half trailer:

As if the HD quality wasn’t already eye-gasmic enough, Johnny just had to go and tease us with a quick shot of his bare back at 0:14. Well good job Chanh Nam. I for one am sold. With that being said, it seems like we should all be expecting the full feature to be something full of blood, bullets, Vovinam,  and wasted cars. Oh, did I ever mention that the production was sponsored by BMW, therefore had the grand privilege of blowing up as many cars as they needed? Yea, well there ya go.

Clash will hit theaters nationwide this December 18.

johnny tri nguyen

What the fuck happened here? The man looks tragic! (And I’m talking about the face, not the hand.) (more…)

As if we didn’t already have enough pictures, but yaAy for even more………!..Well actually just 2 more, but lol, check out the 2nd picture. Ol’ Johnny boy’s face is just pure love, right? Rightt.

3765315860_abce36416f_b (more…)

Well, I mean…..bloodier than it already was. Check out some even MORE production stills from the set: (more…)



Actually, that was probably the only photo… Enjoy the rest of these non-PDA photos on the set of their new highly anticipated movie “Bay Rong/Clash” at the Sheraton Hotel : (more…)