September 2009

On Tuesday, September 29,2009 at 5:00 P.M., nearly every Vietnamese A/B/C-listers were spotted at the Sheraton Hotel for an invitations-only Zing Me Party (attendees included many more not mentioned in the photos below). (more…)


Ketsana, packing winds of nearly 150km per hour, swept the central coast on September 29, causing 74 reported deaths and 12 more unaccounted for. (more…)

It’s that time of the year again, and these 2 are already out and about spending time with the kids. And I mean really, what’s Tet Trung Thu (Mid-Autumn Festival) without those little kids in your neighborhood and their handmade canterns (it was usually just a can tied to a string with a candle inside) running up and down the street singing that Tet Trung Thu song? Or for the ones not in VietNam, what’s Tet Trung Thu without visiting your local temple just to get a few free treat bags and gorging down a good ole 1000-calorie-per-serving Moon cake? (That would be 3000 calories I just consumed in the past 1 hour. FML) (more…)


Not only is  her newly released song called Bao Dem Em Khoc/Each Night I Cry“, but as it was told, the girl also actually did cry when listening to her own demo. So was it really that sad? (more…)

God knows. If only the camera was at a slightly lower angle…maybe then will we be able to tell. But from what we can make of the situation, it looks like someone’s lower goodies were grabbed.

Well whatever it was, apparently Dong Nhi found it hilarious. What do you think really happened?

The most anticipated fashion show of the year – the 8th annual Dep Fashion Show (organized by Dep magazine, Le Media and LeBros.)– previously took place in HCM City on September 26. Entitled “Freedom,” the show not only highlighted the designers’ personality and creativity, but also unveiled new elements. (more…)

wanbi nicole asensio

Looks like it was full-on attacked by an outdated hairstylist and a whole bottle of gel…. o.O (more…)

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