Tomorrow at about 1 PM (October 31st), many will get the once in a lifetime chance to see a dozen of our Vpop men including Hoang Bach, Duy Manh, Le Minh, The Men, Hieu Hien, Ung Hoang Phuc, Akira Phan, Tim Cat Vu, and more, join efforts in a soccer team called “V-pop” to take on an actual professional team  (randomly selected by Vinagame) in HCMC. (more…)


Actually, I meant the one in his “Mat Em” MV is. Looks like the song’s success not only created enough publicity for the singer himself, but is also beginning to rub off on the random model in the clip. (more…)

quynh nga as bayonetta (5)

What’s up with female celebrities promoting online games these days? (more…)


Oh good god.

Just when we thought these infamous F4 dramas couldn’t be anymore reused & remade (Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, AND the in production Chinese remake), VietNam just had to jump in and make my nightmare, a reality. (more…)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…. and cultural constructs, evidently. (more…)


Instead of all these “hot” boys and “hot” girls, we can say that the HOTTEST market in VietNam right now is the teen market.  For some reason, the boys and girls of the 9x (90’s) have dominated the print media of VietNam. No longer can teens in VietNam only read “Hoa Hoc Tro” or “Muc Tim,”  that’s now considered old school compared to 2! Magazine.

No worries, one more teen magazine is about to enter the market: Yeah1 Teen.


Ngo Kien Huy has finally released the 2 new music videos for his singles “Khong Su Lua Chon/No Choices (Part 1)” and  “Gia Vo Yeu/Pretense Love (Part 2)”  featuring teen idols Sam & Chan Thanh San. (more…)