Much like you guys, we don’t quite grasp the overall purpose of this random hospital-like “Full House” plaque in front of the house either, but hey, let’s look on the bright side–one fail doesn’t total to a complete fail. Ok maybe it was two fails…since Luong Manh Hai casted into the role of a hot celebrity was, afterall, NOT a win. But like I said…bright side, bright side, bright side!

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Yea.. that seems to be the popular thing to do nowadays. It’s either cafes or clothing shops. (more…)

Hà Kiều Anh, Miss VietNam 1992 at the age of 16, the youngest in the history of Miss VietNam, has opened up her beautiful house for our enjoyment.  Her house is located in the luxurious Lan Anh Villa in District 2 of Saigon.  If you have seen the house of Hong Nhung on StyleTV, Hà Kiều Anh’s is even better.  It reminds me of the houses in the street of Hoi An.  I never knew a house in the middle of Saigon can look like this.  And notice she’s a MAC user!