The comedian-actor is finally hitched as of yesterday, December 5th!

How precious is this?!


If you didn’t get all your tears out during the first go, here’s another shot at it.


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And what, the 5 bodyguards are actually spinoffs of the Power Rangers too? (more…)

This past Wednesday on Dec. 16th (when we were all too busy with exams to bother updating), our nation’s most recognized comedian officially celebrated his 40th birthday. The special guest list included veteran stars like Thúy Nga, Nhật Cường, Kim Ngọc, Duy Phương, Hiếu Hiền, Chí Tài, Cát Phượng, Quốc Cường, Ngọc Huy, Đàm Vĩnh Hưng, Quách Tuấn Du, Phương Trang and even the V-popper ones (o.O?) like Chí Thiện and Tim Cát Vũ. But of course, the highlight of our birthday boy man’s night was still getting to celebrate it with the loving fam. which includes his 70+ yr old parents and younger brother–singer Dương Trịu Vũ.

Hoai Linh & father (more…)

Not only was Megastar packed to the max with nearly 100 celebrities in attendance, fans also flooded the Paragon (large lounge area of the theatre) & entrance to catch a glimpse of their stars. And of course along with anything involving famous people and large scale events, a mob of reporters would surely follow suit. The event could, overall, be easily remembered as one of the largest (and star-studded) movie premiere in the history of V-showbiz.

Check out more pictures from the event below: (more…)


cong chua teen & ngu ho tuong (9)

But honestly speaking, we all know Hieu Hien‘s pair of thunder thighs are hottest. 😉

Check out some new production stills from the set of the rookie Tet movie–“Teen Princess & the 5 Bodyguards” starring Bao Thy, Yen Trang, Chi Thien, and Ung Hoang Phuc. (more…)