November 2010

If you thought the first version didn’t really live up to it’s title, then that’s because it was technically the “Good Gurr” version.


Again. But now, with the hilarity meter above and beyond ‘ROFL’ (despite one teary moment).


For most girls in Vietnam, the typical high school memories consist of a long slender white Ao Dai. (more…)

So far, all we’ve gotten from the band were pictures, cover videos, BTS footage, and more pictures. It’s about time we get something relevant. A “Music Video debut”  is therefore not a music video debut without the “music” portion emphasized, so here we finally have it, an actual audio teaser. The track, composed by DJ Addy Tran, is titled “Awakening” to mark “Twee-Sixty-Fie’s” public entry to Vpop.

According to the event organizers, 365 will also be participating in the upcoming Loreto Fest.

The rocker will be saving Saturday, December 11th for a special annual charity event to raise funds for  LVAP (Loreto Vietnam Australia Program, a program which equips the Sunrise Special School Campus 2 with vocational training for older students who are intellectually challenged and/or under privileged).


The MV for the first single & title track of his Vietnamese album, “U&I”, has finally been released .. (more…)

And it is visually stunning!


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