Guess who’s Queen of the dance?


Vietnam’s own version of the UK-originated TV series, Dancing with the Stars, in which celebrities and professional dancers are paired up and pitted against each other in dancing competitions, has officially hit local airwaves this month. (more…)

If you didn’t get all your tears out during the first go, here’s another shot at it.


luong manh hai donate for a date (2)

For those that have been with us since earlier this year…remember this?

The Bong Dung Muon Khoc actor was recently spotted in smiles while holding hands with a cute bubbly stranger who  only turns out to be Luong Manh Hai‘s highest bidder (380$)– Quach Lan,  an actual member of the Donate For a Date organizing committee. (more…)

minh hang luong manh hai noi nha hanh phuc (12)


….Saigon’s 5 star Sheraton Hotel to be exact. But of course this was only for a scene in “Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc” — definitely nothing scandalous going on here. 🙂

The 26 episode long drama is predicted to air near the end of this year.

I guess the VietNamese Full House won’t be such a bore afterall. Despite what you guys might think, and I know many of you will have your share of negativities for the following twists, I am actually quite glad the production isn’t planning on closely tailgating Full House‘s extensively drawn out romance. I am even moreso glad that there will be some classic VietNamese aspects to the drama like………..well, it’s just not “VietNamese” without some witty humor, a few puns, ratchety clothing here and there (see the bathing suits below), something supernatural, and at least one fiesty girl on girl catfight, right 😉 ?

of course Kieu Nhi (Tuong Vy) & Bao Yen (Thuy Tien) will take it to the pool (NNHP's official battleground)
Of course Kieu Nhi (Tuong Vy) & Bao Yen (Thuy Tien) will be the ones to take it to the pool (NNHP’s official battleground) this time