March 2009

At another Linh Vuong Offline Convention in Saigon, Hoang Thuy Linh is also present to entertain the attendees. Only this time, the girl who is voted most wanted teen, seemingly packed on a few rolls.

I bet she’s just taking a break from the gym, although three words: still very unflattering.

Other online celebrities like Miss Teen Huyền Trang, Ngọc Diễm, Kelly, Sam, and Kinh Lâm also attended.


New pictures of Ngoc Anh, Miss Audition 06, has sprung up. You know after having a baby she still looks gorgeous as usual. With a face and body like hers after having a baby, who wouldn’t envy her?! Which one is your favourite by the way?



Ok so there’s this new soon-to-be-released movie called “14 Ngay (14 Days)” starring Trịnh Hội, Ngọc Lan, Bình Minh, Thái Hoà, and Kim Phượng due sometime in April. The producer of the film is no other than the lovely Viet Thy. (more…)

I’m probably late as hell, sorrrrrrry.

For those of you who don’t know who Dat Phan is (if not skip and read on)

Dat Phan is a Vietnamese-American comedian, he’s famous on youtube (among youtube users/Vietnamese) and when he won NBC’s 2003 Last Comic Standing (A reality of stand-up competition).  I suggest you watch his videos,  it’s hilarious and classic Vietnamese conversations ^_^ (for some). I put some videos of his old/new skits too. Enjoy! Remember this is comedy, please don’t take it as an offense especially if you’re Vietnamese.  🙂


This post totally shows my inner nerd, but uhh, whatever :).

Linh Vương is  an on-the-rise Vietnamese internet game that’s recently becoming quite popular, what with Hoang Thuy Linh promoting it and all. Yesterday on the 22nd, the creators of linh vuong held an “Offline” convention in Hanoi. Many popular “blogger” idols such as Hoang Thuy Linh (Nhat Ky Vang Anh), Emily Huong Ly (Miss Audition 07), Ngoc Anh (Miss Audition 06), Huyen Baby (a favorite contestant from Miss Teen 08), Hanh Sino & Trang Phap (popular teen icons), Young Uno (rapper), and more.

And look, they even did the whole cosplay thing and everything. That’s so cute. hahahahha

3271673752_4f209bfc8dHai Au releases a relatively new music video for her duet single from her latest album “Bờ Vai Lạ (Unfamiliar Shoulder)” called Đánh Thức (Wake up). The sweet love song also features Tuan Hung.



Title: Power Kids (Haa Hua Jai Hero)
Director: Krissanapong Rachata
Starring: Johnny Nguyen, Nanthawut Boonrubsub, Sasisa Jindamanee
Official website:
Release Date in Thailand: 5 March 2009

Power Kids was in production for more than four years before it was finally released. When it finally was, the movie didn’t do too well in theaters. Many people thought it wasn’t worth the wait. The movie recieved many bad ratings and reviews, although I did see some positive feedback for the movie.

One review in particular said: (more…)

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