Being one of the most well-known models in the field, Vinh Thuy was always wise and cautious in avoiding “shocking” questions often raised by interviewers.

As with his famous rumored relationship with Miss Vietnam 08 Thuy Lam (now married and even recently gave birth to an adorable baby boy), Vĩnh Thụy has always tried his best to avoid contributing to any of the press’s gossips & headlines. However, in a recent interview with pictorials, Vinh Thuy has finally admitted his scandalous tattoo to the public:



Former colleagues, fellow runner-ups for the 2009 Vietnam Supermodel Contest, and once rumored couple Huynh Thanh Tuyen & Vinh Thuy are face to face again since the last time we  heard from them.

The good-bodied pair was even fortunate enough to get to reunite in such a scenic setting as this:


Last night’s 4th annual Dem Hoi Chan Dai 4 model event saw the attendance of more than 200 guests including many popular super models, Miss(es) Vietnam, famous designers and young models… (more…)

Together, these two strutted their leaves and petals on the White Palace catwalk last night as a high fashion rose-bush (?) at the 4th annual Dem Hoi Chan Dai/Gala for the Long Legged.

Dear Mister/Miss Designer, your getup hurts my eyes. Almost as much as those tight skinnies seem to be hurting Vinh Thuy‘s manhood. Oh the poor bush.

As in casts for their sprained ankles:


It hasn’t exactly been confirmed yet but oh c’mon, look how obviously fake this looks:


Hint: They went to the Mai Vang Awards together (although we haven’t posted the couple’s pictures yet). (more…)