It’s that time of the year again!


Well damn, it’s about time. (more…)

In celebration of our freshest female rapper finally ready to drop her long awaited debut album in approximately 3 days, Vietchannel has teamed up with Miss Isabelle Du (Suboi’s manager) to treat you to an exclusive reader incentive. That is, a free signed “BUOC/WALK” CD from Suboi, herself.

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YanTV thinks so.

Check out YanTV’s quick interview with the little rapper from Ho Ngoc Ha‘s “Xin Hay Thu Tha/My Apologies” fame.:


But before watching this episode of YanTV’s Star 24/7, I’d have to warn you all first, Lam Truong is one speedy-talker. Therefore, first things first: take a longgg deep breath. Then click play.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

But of course, as earlier clarified, the career halt is only temporary. To further prove this as well as give fans something to remember her by during this health-related hiatus, Nhi even released news of an upcoming MV due next Saturday Dec 12. (more…)

Via YanTV’s Star 24/7 show, the singer notorious for the non-punctuality shares-all about album plans (the one that has been delayed from month to month since the end of last year) and the normal daily things one would encounter in the humble life of Dong Nhi.

Vodpod videos no longer available.