July 2009


Many of you might’ve already recognized her as LaLa from the children’s series “Bo Tu 10a8/The Four of 10a8” but I bet you all have yet to realized that this this bubbly, baby-faced girl is actually now 20 years old. (more…)

tim cat vu

WEllllllll, I sure don’t think I have ever found Tim Cat Vu so attractive looking before in my entire life …..until now. (more…)

……is seriously good. No, not just the overrated good, but like ondareall good. Check eet:


baby picture


So I guess it’s not limited to only female celebrities.

wanbi & sister mimi

Here are some more pictures from the game’s premiere party on July 29th. (more…)

But of course I am referring to her waist. For those of you going “wtf?” let me first familiarize you with the term that seems to be extra popular in VietNam these days. Vong 1, 2, & 3, meaning girths 1, 2, & 3, are basically the 3 main measurements of any human body; Vong 1 being chest, vong 2 being waist, & vong 3 being hips. Currently, the country has  practically been holding famous supermodel Ha Anh‘s all 3 vongs as our female’s ideal measurements, and honestly, I concur. Nothing but a glimpse of the woman’s itty bitty vong 2 could actually  get one all inspired to finally spend some quality time with that treadmill.


*goes to clean off cobwebs on treadmill*


phuong thanh & anh khoa

For the 3rd monthly airing of “Hoa Nhip Ban Tre,” singers Phuong Thanh, famous for her strong raspy voice & Pham Anh Khoa, famous for his rock music, had actually collaborated for this month’s theme being “Hát cùng bạn bè tôi/Singing with my Friends“. (more…)

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