What’s that practically swallowing Thang Hang whole, you ask? (more…)


Together, these two strutted their leaves and petals on the White Palace catwalk last night as a high fashion rose-bush (?) at the 4th annual Dem Hoi Chan Dai/Gala for the Long Legged.

Dear Mister/Miss Designer, your getup hurts my eyes. Almost as much as those tight skinnies seem to be hurting Vinh Thuy‘s manhood. Oh the poor bush.

And the #1 spot goes to Tang Thanh Ha and her poofy sleeves?


Always dressed to impress, that #1 spot couldn’t have gone to a better person. But god forbid, not in that. (more…)

One’s a supermodel, a Miss VietNam 08 runner-up, and an aspiring singer, while the other’s already a singer–and a vocally powerful one at that. Yes, I am referring to our VietNamese representive for Miss Universe 09–Vo Hoang Yen—  and our beloved teen singer, Toc Tien who, for the time being, is currently back in VietNam (although she will soon be returning back to the states for school).

Two very different people, one same shiny little dress.



Although I was pretty sure Yen wouldn’t have won the crown (not to sound like a pessimist or anything), I was at least hoping to see her enter the pageant’s Top 15. (more…)

As the manager of VietNam’s representative for Miss Universe– Hoang Yen, Thien Ly was spotted this morning (night time in VN) very natural faced,  at the Tân Sơn Nhất airport in HCMC getting ready to go cheer Yen on in the Bahamas:

The preliminaries had just taken place a few days ago but the full live telecast won’t be until Sunday, Aug. 23–9 pm EST, held in the Imperial Ballroom Atlantis.

vo hoang yen

The organising board of the Miss Universe 2009 pageant began shooting interview video clips with contestants on August 3. All of them had to answer three questions: Tell us interesting things about your country that others may not know; what has concerned you the most about participating in Miss Universe? if you had three wishes, what would they be? (more…)