All you Los Angeles resies are in luck!


3.3 billion VND that is. (more…)

Recently, in the hectic midst of press releases and foreign fan meetings for the Pusan International Film Festival in Korea, the crew representing Vietnamese film feature, Canh Dong Bat Tan/The Endless Field (English name Floating Lives) , had to endlessly answer questions and strike poses for the cameras. Well it seems the ‘answering and posing’s went to good use. (more…)

We have yet another White Palace event…just barely 2 days since the past. (more…)

After last last week‘s semi-faulty press release, the anticipated romantic comedy “De Mai Tinh” was officially launched  on Wednesday (April 21) at the White Palace. With the attendance of more than 1000 people including  Dustin Nguyễn, Kathy Uyên, Thái Hòa, Johnny Trí Nguyễn, Ngô Thanh Vân, Tăng Thanh Hà, Hứa Vỹ Văn, Hà Anh, Đinh Ngọc Diệp, Tuyết Ngọc, Thảo Trang, Quang Tuyến, Vân Anh, Trần Bảo Sơn… this premiere proved itself to be a very successful debut event for rookie company Early Risers.

Now for the pictures.

de mai tinh,movie premiere,white palacede mai tinh,movie premiere,white palace


Dustin Nguyen‘s anticipated romantic comedy De Mai Tinh (Fool For Love) officially premiered yesterday at Saigon’s Galaxy Nguyen Du cinema. The event attracted many stars such as Johnny Tri Nguyen, Ngo Thanh Van, Takej Minh Huy, Kelly, Thien Minh, Song Yen, A.T, V.Music, Hua Vi Van etc..

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While the movie, itself, is waiting to be judged come April 21, one thing’s already evident–the OST will be HUGE. With Ho Ngoc Ha & Thanh Bui‘s highly anticipated collaboration revealed to be specifically for this movie (0:30), fans are antsy just waiting for April when the media download section of the movie’s website will officially launch. (more…)